R.E.A.P. (Read. Examine. Apply. Pray.) is a method of studying the bible, recommended by the Austin Stone church.  I have yet to apply the method regularly to my readings (in fact, I have yet to read regularly at all), but I’m hoping it will really grow my knowledge of and relationship with God.

This blog is supposed to help me record my thoughts and grow in this process and search for faith. My goal is to develop my faith with the help of your comments and through suggested readings and practices from my peers and readers. I’ve found that often times, the Christian spiritual journey requires a “leap of faith”. Thus, REAP of Faith is my inappropriate, but somewhat funny, attempt at a play on words. If you don’t understand the reference, then that’s probably a good thing.


8 thoughts on “About

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  2. Jenn- I’m excited for your personal spiritual journey! May God reveal amazing things in your life and help you through the trials that you may go through! I’ll be praying for you and rooting you on because jesus totally loves you! 😉

  3. Hey, I’ve had over 1500 people visit my blog these past two days just because I put my school, VCU, as one of my tags. Has your blog had any traffic come to your site from the link I placed to it on mine? Just curious… Anyways, this is all pretty cool!

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