The Bible Doctrine

I’m back!

With a little nudge from Chris from Spiritual Insight, I’m back! I never realized how difficult it is to not just blog, but also think up content for the blog.

I’ve been reading Bible Doctrine: Essential Teachings of the Christian Faith by Wayne Grudem recently, suggested by Matt Carter from the Austin Stone. You can find it on Google books (amazing, huh?). It also helps that my boyfriend owns a copy! It’s been a great read so far, helping to answer a lot of questions I’ve had along the way. It’s also bringing up a lot of interesting things I didn’t realize I believe.

For example, chapter four asks and answers the question, “How do we know that God exists?” It claims that humanity has an inner sense of God; we all have a deep, inner sense that God exists and that we are his creatures. I believe this one pretty wholeheartedly. I think human beings feel and know of an existence of a supreme being who is watching over everything and has control over things which we don’t. I like the idea because it’s comforting to think that what you have no control of is in the hands of someone who is all powerful and very good.

Most people know God exists because of a feeling they have. It can be an innate awareness, an unexplainable feeling or event(s), or a miracle. My friend recently commented that she has been going through an eye-opening spiritual experience after her faith was shaken recently.

So, how do you  know God exists?


2 thoughts on “The Bible Doctrine

  1. The power of first cause is how I know God exists. A Creator or creative force started and perpetuates all of existience. I don’t base my belief in God on the alleged revelations of other people. Revelation is personal and there is no book needed to know and understand God. The secret is learning how to listen. Don’t get me wrong – their is some good stuff in the Bible but, it is far from perfect and no more the word of God then our blogs are. Stop by my blog, read a little, and let me know what you think.

  2. I know God exists because there is no way for me to have met the people I’ve met, experience what I have experienced, and be blessed with life every single day without some one with plan. It’s not just fate, it’s not chance, nor is it luck, it’s a plan. His plan. I’ll tell you a recent experience….I was in a car accident last December, two days shy of 2011. It was raining, I was way past speeding, going 70-80 on the Beltway late for work. Long story short I hydroplaned spun around at least once, maybe twice…as I spun I turned the wheel, hoping not to it the guardwall…I some how get my car almost straight hitting the wall only a little bit…No other cars involved, I spun around ending up facing traffic on the left shoulder, no injuries, and all my car received was a couple scrapes on the side. I wasn’t lucky. I was blessed that day.

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