Demon possession

Mental illness or demon possession?

I went to Gandalf’s (a prayer cafe) with my missional community to serve food to the local East Austin community. Overall, it was a really great experience, and Gandalf’s is doing a great thing for the community. There was a lady that was roaming the area who had a very apparent mental illness. She was talking constantly to no one and everyone and yelling occasionally at us and others. She came to get some food from us, rambling and yelling along the way and throughout the night. She was also pretty rude about how much food she got. One of the girls with us suggested that this lady was demon possessed, that Satan was possessing her to scare us and others away from something good.

Do you think demon possession exists? I’m not so sure…

P.S. I just google image searched “demon possessed” and really scared myself.


2 thoughts on “Demon possession

  1. Something I’ve wondered myself… I think the times it’s discussed in the Bible were true demon possessions. This lady was likely mentally disabled (sounds like dementia if she’s older, maybe a psychosis) and not a “demon possession.” I do not think that most mentally ill today are possessed now that I’m learning bits and pieces about psychiatry. This situation seemed to cause fear which may or may not be brought upon by Satan, but that’s beyond my scope of knowledge.

  2. That’s an interesting and big question. I totally think that it still happens. I agree that there is mental illness, but I also think that too often someone is written off with an illness who needs deliverance and not medication (man who lived in tombs and cut himself, boy who had fits and foamed at the mouth, for example)

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